About the Awards

Multicultural TV is a video telecast on any viewing platform that is intended for a particular audience, defined by ethnicity; nationality; regional or cultural identity; religious affiliation; gender; or LGBT lifestyle.

The Multicultural TV Summit focuses on the continued growth and sustainability of the business of multicultural TV. The event features roundtable discussions and keynote interview conversations with leaders from advertising, marketing, promotions, programming, distribution, technology and more.

The Multicultural TV Leadership Awards celebrate the multicultural TV business. These awards acknowledge outstanding executives in 10 different business categories. The candidates for the Awards are nominated by their associates, and then selected by a panel of impartial judges. Awards are to be presented at a luncheon ceremony during the Multicultural TV Summit.

The Multicultural TV Frontrunner Award celebrates the accomplishments of one single individual or organization for their ability to surmount challenges in the area of development and or distribution of video intended for a particular multicultural audience. The recipient of this award is selected through a screening process by a distinguished group of individuals, including the publisher of Broadcasting & Cable and Multichannel News, select editors and the evemt producer.

The Multicultural TV Summit and Leadership Awards is produced by the Schramm Marketing Group.